Pearls for brides: misfortune or elegance?

Pearls for brides: misfortune or elegance?


Choosing the jewelry you will wear on your wedding day is one of the most important decisions, so much so that it is considered a tradition. And around this, there is an ancient superstition that accompanies pearls, is wearing them on your wedding day really bad luck?

It is said that this belief comes from ancient Rome, where, although pearls were a symbol of economic status, they were also related to the tears of angels due to their beautiful pearly finish and their round shape, therefore, the bride who wore them at her wedding would be destined to shed tears at her marriage and would be unhappy, bringing bad luck.

However, even older is the belief of the Greeks that pearls carry love and beauty within them, qualities that would also attract marriage, since these gems were closely linked to the goddess Aphrodite, who, like than pearls, has been born from the sea. We remember this relationship thanks to the “Birth of Venus” (Aphrodite for the Greeks) by the Renaissance master Sandro Botticeli, in which the goddess emerges from the sea in the same way that a pearl originates. Even the ancient Greeks had a custom of sprinkling brides' hair on the wedding day to attract love.

Currently, pearls are a perfect timeless piece for brides, being a perfect complement to highlight the dress with its elegance, they can be used in earrings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces adding sophistication and shine typical of a Venus.


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Due to their beautiful pearly finish and round shape, pearls add vitality and sophistication.


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