A tour of the Mexican stars with Juliet Aurel

Mexico City, December 14, 2020- Over the years, we have witnessed the stories hidden behind a piece of jewelry, stories that accompany those women who have left their mark on the culture of our country. Some of them continue to inspire us, thanks to their work and talent, with a style that is reflected in the accessories that last in memory. Juliet Aurel presents the stars who shine with their iconic looks , and the brand's jewelry with which you can shine like them.

Selena: During the 90s, The Queen of Tex-Mex conquered the United States and Latin America with her voice. The singer used to wear delicate earrings like Long Dreamy Pearl , with a chain that accentuates a small pearl to the end, which she combined with her hair up to give prominence to these pieces of jewelry.

Frida Kahlo: In addition to being a visual reference for our culture, she created innovative universes that inspire us today, not only because of her art, but also because of her iconic outfits that she colored with different accessories. To create a similar style you can wear the Milos earrings, which add elegance and a special touch like that of the legendary painter.

María Félix: With her beauty and strength, she captivated millions of viewers around the world. Fashion was always a part of her life, with fascinating looks on and off screen. Necklaces were a key piece of every moment, and if you want to look like her, the ideal option is Waterfall , a necklace with delicate freshwater pearls that simulate the fall of water.

Thalía : With each new project, the actress and singer finds a way to surprise us thanks to her sophistication and her avant garde image. Chains are elements that are usually present in their looks , and to evoke their style you can use the Boyfriend Chain Oversized necklace, with a minimalist appearance to wear with various layers and textures.

Yalitza Aparicio : A woman who demonstrated her talent and the importance of giving life to memorable characters. If you are looking for earrings that add dynamism and a little strength to your style, choose to wear the Long Linked model, in 14k gold, to give a touch of strength to your outfits. You can also wear a minimalist ring like the Deco Bar , with a shape inspired by the architecture of the 30s, and decorated with subtle zirconias full of brilliance.

Be inspired by the stars of our country and recreate their emblematic outfits with the jewelry that Juliet Aurel has for you. Find these and other pieces at and shine with the designs made to last over time.


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