Timeless jewelry that will accompany you in 2021 (and many years to co

Timeless jewelry that will accompany you in 2021 (and many years to come)


We live in a time when, in the fashion industry, especially in jewelry, we are presented with two apparently contrary positions. The first is the jewelry tradition of lasting over time, the second, the changing trends and the accelerated consumption model. However, we have learned that there are immortal forms that are capable of transforming and reconciling these two postures. Here we present some of these pieces.

A link necklace

One of the must haves of recent years, they are perfect to accompany and elevate any look. Its subtly vintage silhouette is not too compromising, and it also allows great flexibility to play with sizes and types of links.

Try our oversized boyfriend chain


A link bracelet

We continue with the links and precisely because of their construction, they turn out to be one of the most versatile accessories. In their bracelet version, the links have been less explored, but they have gained a place in recent years. Furthermore, by offering a wide variety of sizes, they can be adapted to different styles and aesthetics .

Meet our versatile and easy-to-wear light link oval bracelet


Eye-catching but not bulky earrings

These earrings allow you to accentuate the face for Zoom calls, plus the fever of XL earrings very present in recent years, the ideal is to look for pieces with good visual weight without having too much volume.

Combine with one of our favorites


An “arty” ring

Adorning our hands with arty rings is a reminder that we also deserve pampering, and that rings can reflect our personality without limits of shapes or colors.

Without a doubt a ring that will delicately adapt to the silhouette of your fingers.



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