August Peridot

August Peridot


The gem of the Sun

Peridot is an extremely interesting gem since it is created in totally extreme conditions. It can be found both in meteorites and comet dust and in lava from the Earth's mantle. And people with birthdays in August are lucky enough to call it their birthstone. Let's learn more about this particular gem.

Peridot is a variety of the mineral olivine, and is one of the few gemstones that come in a single color, which is a yellowish green that varies in intensity. Throughout history it has been confused with other gems such as emerald or topaz, but peridot has its own and very captivating personality.

Peridot gemstone close up

During ancient times it was highly appreciated, the ancient Egyptians called it the gem of the sun. Some believed that it protected the wearer from the "terrors of the night." It is currently the national stone of Egypt, it has been extracted in this country since ancient times, especially on an island in the Red Sea known as Topazios (now Zabargad) since it was believed that the stones were topazes, when they were peridots.

Most peridots are formed inside the earth and come to the surface thanks to volcanoes, some reach the earth in meteorites, but these are extremely rare and do not usually reach jewelry store windows. In 2005 it was even found in comet dust.

Close up image of a model wearing fine jewelry

When purchasing this magnificent gem, certain aspects must be considered such as color, most are yellowish green, but they can also be brownish green or pure green, which are the rarest. In terms of clarity, most of these gems do not have visible inclusions, it is normal to find small inclusions if observed with a lens.

As for the cut, the peridot can be found in a great diversity of shapes that will make it shine radiantly, from marquise to pear, the decision lies in the personal tastes of the buyer. Likewise, its face is very varied and there are various options for buyers.

The August gem reminds us of the extraordinary nature of the universe we inhabit and the fascinating origin of everything that surrounds us.


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