September and the Sapphire

September and the Sapphire


The intense blue of September

Those people who were born in September are fortunate enough to call sapphire their birth gem. A gem that has been appreciated for centuries and is currently widely used in engagement rings due to its beautiful velvety color. But sapphire keeps many secrets, among them, that it can be more than blue. Let's learn more about this fascinating gem.

We usually use the term sapphire to refer to the blue variety of the gem, but it comes in a wide variety of shades and colors, including violet, yellow, green, pink, orange and all shades in between, although they do not exist. blue sapphires, since if it occurs in that color, it is a ruby. This is because both gems are composed of the same mineral, which changes depending on the presence of other minerals.

Traditionally, this gem symbolizes sincerity, honesty and both nobility of spirit and literality, sapphires have dressed royal families for centuries, one of the most famous sapphires is even the one that adorns Princess Diana's old engagement ring , beautifully surrounded by diamonds, and now worn by Princess Kate Middleton.

Additionally, in ancient Greece and Rome, blue sapphires were believed to protect the wearer from harm and envy. In the Middle Ages, clerics wore them as they symbolized heaven as eternal paradise.

When purchasing a sapphire it is important to take different factors into account.

As we now know, sapphire can be found in a wide variety of colors, in general, the more uniform and rich the color, the more valuable the gem. Sapphires in general have very good clarity, they do not usually present many inclusions, if the gem does not present any, it will be more valuable, generally the inclusions do not present a problem, but if it puts the integrity of the gem at risk, its value will greatly decrease. worth.

Regarding the cut, it can be found in various shapes, the mineral will be cut depending on the brightness, clarity and most suitable color for each gem, so the buyer will be able to choose from many options. Finally, you can find sapphires of varied carat, among the commercial ones the carat is usually equal to or less than 5,000, choosing the gem that suits your design and budget will be easy with such wide options.


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