Kythe X Juliet Aurel

Kythe X Juliet Aurel


Elegance meets versatility

Timelessness, quality and versatility are words that perfectly describe Juliet Aurel and Kythe, two Mexican brands committed to creating pieces that transcend trends and adapt to the lifestyle of the modern woman. The first creates luxury jewelry pieces that rescue the tradition of fine jewelry, the second creates essential and unique garments with conscience. Both come together to create a joint collection that represents their values ​​of sustainability and versatility.

Close up photo of a woman wearing a silk necklace with charms

Under a philosophy committed to the environment, this collection seeks to give new life to the loss of raw materials in garments to reduce waste. With these materials, necklaces and chokers are created that, in addition to being elegant and sophisticated, are environmentally conscious choices.

Another common thread of the collaboration is versatility, each piece is designed to be worn in different ways, they are accessories that accompany you in the art of dressing, this implies adapting, changing, playing and exploring the piece so that it represents in a more Faithful to your style, reinventing yourself in classic timelessness is an art with these pieces.


A photo of a woman wearing a leather necklace with a pearl charm

For this collection, we sought to use iconic materials from each brand, high-quality textiles from Kythe and gold and gems from Juliet Aurel. This combination creates an interesting duality of materiality that perfectly balances each piece, both for the eye and for touch. The use of these materials and the craftsmanship with great attention to detail guarantees the quality of each of the pieces.

The collection includes beautiful chokers and necklaces in various materials such as leather, silk and rubber, materials recovered from textile waste by the Mexican firm Kythe, whose fabrics are mostly organic or pure with artisanal production. Complementing it with charms made of natural stones such as onyx, quartz and baroque pearl, which highlight the timelessness of the pieces.


A close up shot of a woman wearing a silk necklace with a pearl charm

 Discover each of the pieces and enjoy the art of dressing.


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