July Rubies

July Rubies


The king of gems

The July birth gem is called by many as the king of gemstones for its rarity, hardness and captivating red color, in addition to the properties associated with it in different cultures.

The ruby ​​is undoubtedly a gem that provokes fascination, its deep scarlet color is hypnotic to observe, and those born in the month of July are fortunate enough to call it their birthstone. Let's know more about it, which is the perfect gift for yourself or the special people of July.

uncut ruby

Its name comes from a derivative of the Latin ruber, which means red. In Sanskrit his name is ratnaraj which means "the king of gems". In India it was also known in this way, and mystical properties were also associated with it. For centuries it has been related to the vital force of blood, in addition to being a symbol of power and youthful energy. In medieval Europe, rubies were believed to attract health, wisdom, wealth and love. It is also believed that this gem can predict misfortune or danger.

Ruby belongs to the corundum mineral species, like sapphire, its characteristic red color is given by traces of chromium in its composition. They can also fluoresce if they have large amounts of chromium, which makes their red color much more intense. It is one of the hardest gems, just behind the diamond.

When purchasing a ruby, it is important to consider the following aspects to make the decision that best suits what we are looking for.

The most important thing to consider is the color, the most coveted ones have a vibrant red hue with a slight purple depth. Those that are entirely red are usually preferred to those that have orange or purple undertones. In the end, the perfect ruby ​​color is the one that each person chooses.

In terms of clarity, there are practically no rubies free of inclusions, so their value depends on how visible they are. If inclusions reduce its transparency or brilliance, this affects the value of the gem.

Regarding the cut, due to the natural shape of the ruby ​​crystals, it is usually cut in a hexagonal, oval or cushion cut. Other cuts such as e marquise or triangular can also be found, they will just be rare in larger rubies.

Finally, its size and carat. In the market it is possible to find a wide variety of options that best suit our needs, although high quality rubies of more than one carat are usually more difficult to find.


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