Mexican jewelry brand presents collection full of inspirations by FORB

Mexican jewelry brand presents collection full of inspirations by FORBES


We know that our country and the entire world are going through very difficult times, but at Juliet Aurel, we believe more than ever that creativity and innovation is one of the most important drivers to stay productive during this confinement.

It is an honor that our brand has been published by one of the most important business magazines in our country. Thanks to Forbes for giving us the space to present our 2021 collection

We share a little bit of the note with you and leave you the link so you can access the full note.

Jhoseline Flores , CEO of 'Juliet Aurel', shared for Forbes Life how creativity, innovation and perseverance were the perfect dose that allowed her to be prepared to face the contingency and launch her new 2020 collection. She assured that “the e "-commerce and a digital communication strategy are currently key alternatives for sales."

2020 Proposal

The brand uses various techniques to create each of its pieces, including 'electroforming', which is done in Italy. 'Hand-casting and carving' is also used, which is done by Mexican artisans.

This year's proposal is characterized by three small collections that will be fed with different products throughout the year. The main source of inspiration is chains, thus creating 'Chain Collection', a versatile and minimalist collection, with chains and links of different textures and shapes.

The second collection, called Ancient, is inspired by creating a connection with the past. Where elements such as coins, symbols and ancient cultures stand out.

The latest collection was inspired by the artistic movement of Art Deco, a focus on geometric figures, zigzag and trapezoid shapes, as well as straight and subtle lines. A collection full of light and shine, adapted to a contemporary style, easy to wear and perfect for any occasion.

Juliet Aurel Chains woman with chain and earrings

Flores comments that “his pieces are inspired by art, design and the avant-garde; in elegant and feminine women, without sacrificing comfort.”


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