The Latin American jewelry brands you need to know from VOGUE

The Latin American jewelry brands you need to know from VOGUE


Recently our brand was recognized as one of the Latin American jewelry brands leaving its mark on the fashion industry.

We leave you here a bit of the note and the link so you can see the full publication.

The fashion industry in Latin America is having a moment of growth and constant movement . With the seasons, we see some trends born and others disappear, but Latin jewelry has a particular effect that we love, since it surpasses time to create treasures that accompany us throughout our lives. It is enough to fall in love with a jewelry brand to follow it faithfully, and if it is one that creates incredible pieces that are affordable, we find ourselves buying pieces almost obsessively. When buying a piece, whether it be earrings, a necklace or a ring, thousands of feelings are involved because we know that we are purchasing an accessory that will last a lifetime.

This reason is enough to put Latin brands that create innovation and new proposals when it comes to jewelry on our radar. These brands show us that nationality, language or culture does not matter; When it comes to jewelry everyone understands the synonym of luxury and glamour . Our sister countries work to create pieces that, in addition to being accessible , are perfect to accompany our looks.

So without further ado, these are our 10 affordable Latin jewelry brands that we love and that you surely will too:

Juliet Aurel

The founder, Jhoseline Flores, is a Mexican who grew up in a family of jewelers and since she was a child she felt a great passion for design and her family's work. This motivated him to found his own jewelry store , rescuing the values ​​and tradition of fine jewelry to create pieces that go beyond an object.

New collection from Juliet Aurel
Juliet Aurel campaign.
You can read the full note at the following link:


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