The advantages of gold jewelry

The advantages of gold jewelry


The advantages of gold jewelry

When we talk about jewelry, we are talking about pieces that are very intimate to us, not only in a figurative sense but also literally. These are objects that are in constant contact with our skin and also store memories and emotions in them, which is why it is worth investing in materials that, in addition to being kind to our body, are durable and resistant. For these cases, gold jewelry is an excellent option. Today we want to talk to you about the advantages of choosing gold for your jewelry.

1.- Gold jewelry is kind to your skin

Gold itself is a hypoallergenic metal, however, as it is very soft, it is necessary to mix it with other metals to make jewelry. It is necessary that the jewelry be made of at least 14k gold so that it is durable and resistant to oxidation. The gold pieces will be kind to your skin, avoiding allergies, discomfort or irritation. At Juliet Aurel we work our pieces in 14k gold or higher.

2.- Gold is an investment

Gold maintains and increases its value over time, it is usually more stable than other financial assets. It is a safe investment in the short and long term.

3.- Gold jewelry does not rust or fade

Due to its chemical composition, and when its alloy is 14 ko higher, gold does not oxidize or lose its color (whether yellow, pink or white gold), which guarantees that your piece has the best appearance over time, In addition, it will not leave color marks on your skin and you can carry it with you all the time, whether when swimming in the sea, in a pool or when bathing, your pieces will remain with the same composition. Like any material, gold can get dirty, but its maintenance is simple, just clean it with warm water and dish soap to regain its shine.

4.- Gold is a material that lasts over time

As we talked about previously, due to its composition and chemical properties, gold creates pieces that last over the years, preserving their color, shine and shape, in addition to their price. A piece of gold jewelry can be preserved for generations and store special memories and memories.

5.- Versatility and sophistication

Gold is a versatile material, due to its alloys it can be obtained in three colors, classic yellow, elegant white and romantic rose gold, so each buyer can choose the one that best suits their style. Furthermore, a gold piece never goes out of style, trends come and go, but something as classic as gold remains and lasts over time.

These are some of the advantages of gold jewelry, knowing about them helps us make more informed decisions when purchasing luxury pieces like these, to be able to acquire the pieces that best fit what we are looking for and desire.


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