Jewelry for Valentine's Day? Yes please.

Jewelry for Valentine's Day? Yes please.


Jewelry for Valentine's Day? Yes please.

One of the most exciting dates of the year is approaching, and for us, it is the perfect excuse to give gifts that symbolize our love, and that also accompany the other person every day. Jewelry is perfect for this, especially solid gold jewelry, since due to its composition of materials, it does not fade or lose its shine, in addition to the fact that over time its value increases, fine jewelry is a declaration of love that lasts over time.

That is why we want to recommend our favorite pieces to give as gifts on these dates, for the person you love the most or to remind yourself how great your love is.

For people who love to carry something meaningful with them, necklaces are the perfect option, they can be worn all the time and are a sweet and elegant reminder. We recommend you:

Round Zirconia Necklace 1.0

Marquise Crystal Long Necklace

If your thing is more pieces that are easy to wear, and that also shine like who you love, earrings are your perfect option, to wear on a daily basis making it special, these are our recommendations:

Lapis Earrings

Baguette Crystal Huggies

Finally, the most tender option of all, exquisite rings that adorn the hands of your loved one, perfect for those most romantic people.

Phoebe ring

Glint ring

Remember to order your gifts in advance so that they reach your hands on time. As a tip, we remind you that all our shipments are free on purchases over $2,500MXN. And we wish you from the bottom of our hearts a warm Valentine's Day.


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