May and the Emerald

May and the Emerald


The heat of summer is beginning to be felt, and spring is bursting everywhere, the beautiful deep green that surrounds us undoubtedly reminds us of the beautiful gem of May, the emerald.

A gem that has been loved for centuries and to this day, for many, is the definition of vitality and hope. Let's learn more about this beautiful gem.

Emerald is a greenish variety of beryllium, a type of mineral that also includes aquamarines, but the color of each gem is what divides them. Emeralds have a long history and have been loved for years, it is known that Cleopatra had a passion for this gem, and it was worn by numerous pharaohs in ancient times.

Its name comes from the ancient Greek smaragdos , which means green gem. The Roman author Pliny the Elder even wrote "there is nothing greener than green," and he also wrote about the therapeutic properties of the emerald, including relieving stress and fatigue of the eyes, and indeed many indicate that the color Green helps reduce stress.

It is also believed that this birthstone may have almost magical properties, such as granting the gift of seeing the future if placed under the tongue (which we do not recommend due to the risk of choking). In addition to becoming an excellent conversationalist.

If you are thinking of purchasing an emerald, we leave you some recommendations so that you can make the best choice depending on what you are looking for.

Starting with the color, which is the most characteristic of an emerald, it must necessarily be found between greenish blue or green; if it does not have a green color, it will be another variety of beryllium. The color can even be distinctive of the area from which the gem comes, it is noted that Colombian gems are usually yellowish green and those from Zambia bluish green.

In terms of clarity, emeralds mostly have visible inclusions, that is, inside the gem, we can see small fragments, sometimes similar to moss, and that is why they are called garden.

Regarding the cut, it must be ensured that it has been carefully made to enhance the color of the gem and reduce the visibility of the fractures typical of emeralds.

As for its carat, you can find gems in a wide offer, the most popular are between 0.05 carat and 0.25.

So now you know, a beautiful garden accompanies you every time you decide to wear a radiant emerald.


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