Immerse yourself in the gem of March

Immerse yourself in the gem of March


Immerse yourself in the tranquility and beauty of Aguamarina

Aquamarine is the birth gem of March. It is a color variation of the mineral beryl, just like emeralds. It is characterized by its unique and characteristic color, which reminds us of the serenity of the sea.

It is precisely its color that defines its name, which comes from the Latin aqua meaning water and marina meaning "of the sea." Join us to learn more about the gem of the month of March.

The Romans, who were the ones who named it, believed that this precious stone protected and kept sailors safe as it calmed the waters. It was also used as a talisman in battle, as it was thought that the wearer became invincible, ensuring victory against their enemies.

In recent times, it is more related to happiness in marriage, due to its calming properties. This gem also, due to its beautiful clarity, represents purity of spirit and soul.

When purchasing an aquamarine, it is important to consider the following.

The clarity of the gem is important in aquamarines, due to their clear and pure color. Most of the already worked stones do not present inclusions visible to the eye. When they do, they are used for carved pieces or for artistic purposes.

As for color, aquamarine has more limited varieties, all of them are around blue, or greenish blue, they do not go beyond these shades. Most aquamarines are a light, pure blue-green color.

They can be cut into almost any shape, their hardness and transparency make them one of the favorite gems to try daring cuts. Aquamarine is a gem with pleochroism, which means that it absorbs light depending on the direction in which it receives it, fortunately, the blue color is the one that stands out in this stone.


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