Juliet Aurel x Sarelly Sarelly

Juliet Aurel x Sarelly Sarelly


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Recently, in the search for new stories, we launched a collaboration with Sarelly Sarelly, lifestyle and fashion brand of our friend Anna Sarelly. This collection, called Second Skin metals, has a genderless approach, fun and so comfortable and versatile that it feels like your second skin.

This unexpected collection includes five pieces that are designed to be a lifelong accessory, that combines with all your stages, and whose main protagonist will be 925 silver (Juliet Aurel's first foray with this material) and Gold Vermeil (925 Silver with gold plating).

“The Sarelly Sarelly team sought us out to talk about the possibility of consulting, joining us as their allies due to our know-how in the world of jewelry. By being in several meetings and getting to know each other a little better, we decided to start doing a collaboration that would unite the two styles of each brand but at the same time be something different and challenging for both,” explains Jhoseline Flores .

"It is another world (the development of the pieces). It was the expertise of Jhoseline who has been working on incredible jewelry for years; every time we had an idea she gave us feedback on what was feasible, what each design involved, the scales, the assembly of "from the pieces to the renders. Everything requires great knowledge." , mentions Anna Sarelly.

Discover the perfect jewelry for each of your looks, decide if you wear the unmistakable Spine earcuff, the daring Bones Necklace or wear them all with each of your moods!

You can buy each of the pieces in the Sarelly Sarelly store.


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