We travel to the past for our new collection

We travel to the past for our new collection


Sometimes, the most timeless designs come from bygone eras, as they were made with high-quality materials and a style that allows them to be easily combined with modern pieces without losing their sophistication and impact.

For that reason, we have stood out for creating lines inspired by vintage , selecting artistic movements from history and incorporating some of these elements into jewelry, which stands out for its pieces made to last over time.

For this collection, we were inspired by the 80s, a decade in which more is more and extravagance gave rise to a series of unforgettable designs.

Some elements of the period that stand out in this new proposal include gold rings with braids or links present in the Chunky Sneak Chain Ring models, as well as long and thin earrings, among which Long White Crystals and their variants stand out.

Within this collection, contemporary designs also stand out such as the White Crystal Hoops , which are designed to offer a bling bling touch to any everyday outfit. We choose materials such as zirconias and semi-precious stones to be able to create more fun combinations with a touch of color, but maintaining a classic line I want people to feel more free to combine, creating their own style.

Additionally, this season we launched Aurel For Him , the brand's first men's line with vintage- inspired rings and bracelets with nautical motifs, among other proposals.

We believe that this sector has a lot of potential. For this proposal, we focus on classic pieces with a minimalist line with a contemporary touch, more geometric lines taking our Deco collection as a line, starting from these shapes with larger sizes.

Get inspired by the past to create new looks ! Choose these and other designs that will help you give a twist to your style.


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